The Truth

Chances are if you have talked to me - or to any pastor - in the last two weeks, I have complained. I have probably complained about how busy and stressful Holy Week is for those who work in the church. And that's true. It is stressful. Four unique liturgies in one week. Four or five different sermons. Organizing all the details. Recruiting volunteers. The added pressure of knowing that, come Easter morning, we will preach to the largest crowd that we get all year. It is stressful.

But I'll let you in on a secret: We love it. For all the stress and headache and exhaustion, I love Holy Week. I love the experience of these liturgies - they are so very powerful. I love the chance to preach on these holy days. I love watching it all fall into place. I love being a part of helping people experience the drama of salvation.

There it is. I love Holy Week.

Now where's my coffee ...