Judas Tweets: Sunday to Tuesday

Today is Spy Wednesday, the day that Judas approaches the religious leaders of Jerusalem and offers to betray Jesus. Here are the Holy Week tweets from Palm Sunday through yesterday. See the rest of Holy Week through Judas' eyes on Twitter, at #judastweets.

Palm Sunday

  • Were you watching today, Caesar? Israel has her own legions, and we were in the streets!
  • I really wanted him to ride a warhorse, then Rabbi taught on Zech 9:9. You king is coming Jerusalem!
  • The Rabbi today: "Now is the judgment of this world; now the ruler of this world will be driven out." Ready for a ride, Pilate?
  • Still trying to understand why the Teacher dispersed the crowd?? We had the numbers to take Pilate's garrison by force!
  • "The days are surely coming when I will fulfill the promise I made to the house of Israel & house of Judah." The Great Day is here!


  • We're all going to Temple today with the Rabbi. Rally to Restore Judaism!
  • Simon thinks its a compliment when Jesus calls him "Rock." Rest of us try not to snicker. Not the sharpest sickle in the barn.
  • Wow! Jesus went Old Testament on the money-changers in the Temple. Gave it to 'em good. Elijah would be proud
  • All who collaborate are guilty! Rabbi gave everyone a wake-up call at the Temple today.
  • Not sure why we stopped at the Temple?? Jesus was on a roll, & Rome's troops were garrisoned next door.
  • Rabbi: "Ask in prayer, & it will be given to you." || Pray for the freedom of Jerusalem!
  • 2 days in Jerusalem. Rabbi is still holding off on expelling the Romans -- let's get it started!
  • Back in Bethany for the night. More of Martha's great food! Starting to get impatient waiting for the Rabbi to act.
  • I knew letting Mary sit like a disciple was a mistake!! Tonight she anointed the Rabbi with nard. What a waste!
  • Could have used that money for so many things. Buying weapons. Feeding the crowd who is following us. Bribing Pilate's guards.
  • Then Rabbi started talking about death. We are here to conquer not die; to crown David's scion, not to fail!


  • Back to Jerusalem today -- is it finally time to get rid of Herod & Pilate?
  • We've got Pilate & Herod right where we want them. Everyone is here for festival. What's the Rabbi waiting for??
  • We have the leader. We have the numbers - more people following Jesus every day. Now the Great Day we've been waiting for.
  • Jesus, Really?? Debating the Pharisees in the Temple?? How does that help us to rally the people against Rome??
  • Getting impatient. Now is the time to ACT, not TALK.
  • Today in the Temple: Pharisees & Scribes played "stump the Rabbi." They lost.
  • Rabbi really ticked off the Temple leaders today. Don't we need their help to kick Rome out of Jerusalem?
  • Ok, seriously. Enough talk! It is time for action! If we don't show our strength soon, the opportunity will pass