Judas Tweets: Pre-Holy Week

Tweets from Judas Iscariot from the days preceding Holy Week. Follow Judas on Twitter the rest of Holy Week, hashtag #judastweets

  • Romans 117, Jews 0. Time for a rally. Jerusalem or bust.
  • I've had about enough of this "Hopey-Changy Stuff." Time to amp it up and head to Jerusalem for some real action.
  • No more "turn the other cheek" -- we're bringing it to Jerusalem!
  • Making plans for Jerusalem. Peter is thinking Hilton, I'm thinking hostel - the man has no sense of $$
  • Two days days till Jerusalem -- Time to show Pilate who's really in charge
  • I say we should steal a warhorse from Herod's stables; that would be a great entrance to the city. We'll see what the Rabbi says tomorrow.
  • To Jerusalem! No one is going to forget this Pesach!
  • Ps 18. "My enemies cried for help, there was no one to save them; they cried to the Lord, he didn't answer." Lookin' @ you Ceasar
  • Rabbi nixed my warhorse idea. Doesn't want to steal. I say if they're Romans, then it's not stealing.
  • Rabbi says he wants to ride an ass into J'town. I don't think John can carry him that far.
  • Time to oust the Half-Blood Prince. Here we come, Herod.
  • Keep waiting for Rabbi to send me to buy swords. Are we going to raid Pilate's armory when we get there?
  • Flashmob on J'town, first day of the week. Jesus ben Joseph is coming to town - let's show Rome how strong we are
  • Ready for a quiet Shabbat in Bethany to rest before going to Jerusalem. Everyone's kinda antsy.
  • We drew straws; Matthew has to recline next to Lazarus @ dinner. Really, who wants to be next to the guy who smells like death?
  • Lazarus won't tell you: it takes more than a bath to wash off the stink of the tomb.
  • Don't understand why Rabbi lets Mary sit there listening like shes a disciple. Who's heard of a Rabbi with a woman as a student?
  • Resting up. Soon we go to Jerusalem and take this thing to the HNL. Hole. Nother. Level.
  • Rabbi sent two of the others off to get his ride for tomorrow. Rest of us are relaxing in Bethany.
  • Micah 5:2. Stand aside Pilate, or be trampled. Jerusalem is about to welcome God's king.
  • The Baptizer said "Even now the ax is lying at the root of the trees." Time to do some pruning in Jerusalem!
  • Too long the boot of Rome has stood on the neck of Israel. Rome's army can leave by choice or horizontally, doesn't matter to us as long as they leave.
  • For 600 years, Jerusalem has welcomed foreign, gentile kings. Tomorrow she welcomes one of her own, to rule her own.

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