Interest Lists - How To

You've decided to use interest lists to help streamline your facebook experience. So, how do you use interest lists? (Here's why I like them!)

To create your own interest lists, go to a page you want to add to a list. Click on the gearbox symbol to get a pull down menu, and select "Add to Interest Lists." All your interest lists will show up, and you can select the one you want to add the page to. If you don't have any lists yet, you can "Add New." (This same method works to add people to interest lists). As you are setting up interest lists, Facebook will ask you whether you want the list to be visible only to you, to your friends, or to be public.

Often, other people have already organized awesome news and information into interest lists that you might like to follow - For example my awesome Brenham, Texas and ELCA News lists. Click on the lists, and then click the nice big button at the top right that says "Subscribe." 

Now that you have subscribed to some Interest Lists, or made some of your own, you can view the news feed of all the posts from the pages/people on that list. On the Facebook homepage, you will see a category in the left-hand column titled "Interests." (If you don't see it, you might need to click on the heading that says "More" in that column, then it will show up). Once you click on the Interest List, you will see a news feed of every post from the pages and the people on that list:

How are you making use of lists? What are some great lists that you have found to follow?