Interest List - Who Cares??

Over the last few weeks, maybe you've seen something about "Interest lists" on facebook. If you are remotely like most people, this has produced in a you a giant shrug of the shoulders and a big, "So what?" I am an social media user, and even I didn't care.

The reason for interest lists is simple - organize the information that you are receiving through facebook. I already use lists on Facebook - lists that I created for myself. So I didn't see a need for facebook's interest lists.

As the manager of many pages on Facebook, I'll let you in on a secret. You are only seeing a fraction of the posts from the pages that you have liked. On my pages (which have pretty engaging content, of I do say so myself), only about 20-30% of the people who like my page see the things I post. So I decided to play around with interest lists. And I like them.

If you are making a list, you have the same privacy options that you have for any Facebook post. That means that you can create a public list, and share your information sources with a broad set of people. Or you can adjust the privacy, and conveniently connect your friends together. Or, you can make it only visible to you as a way to organize your newsfeed.

Regular lists on Facebook are nice. I have all of my facebook friends neatly organized into them. But the option to easily add pages - and to share these lists by making them public - is a great way to adding a new layer to the connection provided on facebook.

What do you think? Have you tried out the new interest lists?