Church Bells: A Parable

Listen, and I will tell you a parable.  The modern church is like a church bell.

Once upon a time, the large church bell in the steeple played an important role in the community. They drew the community together, and provided vital service for everyone in the neighborhood.

On Saturday night the bell rang at sunset, to let everyone know that there would be worship in the morning.

Important news in the community? The church bell rang to alert everyone.

A death in the community? Listen for the church bell - you would even find out how old the person was.

Sunday morning - the bell rang a few hours before worship, reminding everyone to start gathering together.

Everyone in the neighborhood heard and depended on the church bell as a part of life together.

And then things changed.

Silent church bells on display. 
The world became noisier. Cars and planes, cell phones and televisions and radios. Better insulated homes. The church bell couldn't be heard as well.

And once the church bell couldn't be heard as well, it started to ring less often.

Many churches still have bells. Most often they are rung right as worship begins, so that those inside the church already know that worship is beginning.

Once upon a time, the church bell was an important source of news and information for everyone in the neighborhood.

Now the bell only rings for those who are inside the church when worship begins.