One Word: Many Messengers

In the beginning was the Word ... 

If you are involved in ministry, you are a communicator. Preaching sermons. Sharing news and events. Spreading the Good News. It's all communications. 

I am excited to share a wonderful opportunity with you, communicator! 

One Word: Many Messengers (21st Century Communications) is a week long comprehensive training program in church communications, offered as a part of the Disciple Project. 

I will be joined in this course by co-instructor  Pastor Joe Smith, as well as others who will be providing us with their expertise in workshops. Over the course of the week we will talk about communications strategy, print media, social media, email, and worship technology. 

We will have 17 contact hours over the course of the week - it is rare to find this sort of immersive learning opportunity! 

The Disciple Project is an intergenerational learning and leadership event that takes place June 23-27, 2014, on the campus of Texas Lutheran University. The registration fee of (only!) $395 includes room and board on campus for the week. More information and registration