The Heresy of Quantity

My friend Tripp doesn't read my blog. No really. He told me so.

Not Tripp Hudgins

I resonate with Tripp's reflection. I do a lot of reading. A lot. But I miss out on way more than I read. It often takes someone sending their article directly to me (as Tripp did) to make sure that I don't miss things.

In fact, something Tripp wrote a while back caught my eye. He wrote about paying attention to the quality of the information we consume each day. It was the kick in the pants that I needed.

There is a lot of information thrown at us each day. Television. Radio. Social media news feeds. Magazines. Newspapers. Information. Enough information to make your head explode.


That's our mantra. Supersize my information! In the world of social media this usually means growing our number of conversation partners - more facebook friends, more people to follow on twitter. Quantity, quantity, quantity.

Following Tripp's kick in the pants, I realized I couldn't keep up with my twitter feed - and even more than that - I didn't want to. There was so much junk.

I was overwhelmed by the information sent my way every day. I was reading stuff that didn't feed me, and I was missing out on stuff that would feed me. I didn't read Tripp's blog (among others). Tripp didn't read mine. More is not the answer.

Better is the answer. I am becoming more intentional about filtering the information I consume - in all the ways that I consume it. More is not better. Better is better.

And the same is true in the content we produce. "Put up an article every day." That's what the gurus tell you. You NEED to publish something. More is better.

But it's not. People are not reading - I am not reading - because we are overwhelmed by quantity.

Content producers - myself and all of us who blog included: overwhelm us with quality, or else you will get lost in the white noise of quantity.

I want quality information. Quality relationships in social media. Quality, thought provoking articles in my feedreader. I am stepping out of the cult of quantity, the deification of more information.

2014. The year when BETTER beats out MORE in my life.