Want to Get Married?

Weddings are expensive.

That's the wisdom, and the research backs it up. The average cost of a wedding in the United States is almost $30,000! And remember - that's just the average. Lots of people are spending a whole lot more than that.

Each year, more and more couples postpone their wedding - they think they just can't afford it. Even if you have the money for a big wedding, it is an easy choice. You can make a very nice down payment on a house and start your life together - or you can have a big wedding. And for many people, it just isn't even an option. The money simply isn't there.

There are lots of ways to cut some of those costs - having just gotten married myself, I know what it looks like to count pennies for a wedding service.

But even more than cutting costs, I want you to know this: You do not have to have the big wedding. 

The wedding ceremony itself is fairly simple and has zero cost associated with it. Some vows. Some prayers. Some blessings. None of the expensive stuff we have built up around weddings is required. None of it. Expensive dresses that you only wear once. Tuxedos. Rings. Fancy invitations. Limousines.

You don't need all of the expensive extras to have a wedding. 

Vows. Prayers. Blessing. End of story.

In fact, a wedding service is really about the community. Saying your vows before God and the community of faith. Theologically it's not a private party, but a public event - a public worship service.

So here is my invitation to you:
Come and get married at Prairie Hill, during Sunday worship. No cost. 

Don't let cost keep you from getting married. Don't get caught up in all of the extras that have become a part of the wedding industry. God, community, and your beloved. What else do you need?

If you have been waiting until you have enough money, if you have been putting it off because you can't afford it, then come and say your vows to your beloved before God. Let us ask for God's blessing on your life together.

(Image copyright churchart.com, used with permission)