Scheduled Social Media?

Buffered tweets. Scheduled Facebook posts.

Almost every social media guru you consult suggests it. I get why. Sit down and do all that sort of stuff at once, then schedule it to come out at the best times for your audience (which may or may not be the best times for you as a content creator). I get all the very good reasons why you should schedule your social media.

But I don't. I won't. Here is what often happens during and following a crisis when people have scheduled tweets:

(This is not a one time occurrence. Someone does this every time - it just happened to be @ArtieDavis this time).

There are lots of good reasons to schedule tweets. There is one exceptional reason to not do so: It is called social media. Your audience can't have a conversation with a post scheduling app.

Do you want to excel at social media?
Quit talking at people, and starting talking with them.