I'm Talking to You

Dear Denominational / Institutional Leader:

I get it. Really I do. Your schedule is demanding and extremely full. Lots of meetings, travel, phone calls, and correspondence. You don't have time for one more thing. I understand.

You haven't had the time to learn about social media. Maybe you're interested  - but who has the time?! Maybe you're not even interested. It just doesn't make any sense. I understand.

However, sooner or later you are going to be forced to deal with social media. Perhaps a crisis will arise in how a member of the clergy interacts with members of the congregation on Twitter. Perhaps someone under your care will have their marriage publicly implode on Facebook. Perhaps members of a parish will use social media to slander their leadership. Sooner or later you will have to deal with social media.

The question is: Would you rather learn about social media now, or in the middle of a crisis?

"Dear Leader"
There are people out there already thinking about social media and ministry. Questions are being considered like how clergy should interact with members, what does public ministry look like online, how can church leadership deal with privacy concerns, and many more. 

Check among your leaders - maybe there is someone who can guide you through this conversation. Go to the Church Social Media blog, the hub of an ongoing conversation about social media and ministry. Read up, and send a message to any of us who write for the blog or who regularly contribute to the conversation. We want to share what we know. Find people who use social media well, and ask them to be your guides. Host conversations within your synod/diocese/presbytery/organization about how people should best use social media.

At some point - most likely very soon - social media will find it's way into your ministry, even if you would rather have nothing to do with it. It is better to prepare yourself now.

Come, learn with us. 

(Image: Dear Leader, by Telstar Logistics)