About Pastor David

Hey there!

I am the pastor of a medium-sized rural congregation outside of Brenham, Texas. I have been serving in my current call for about five years, and have found great joy serving the people of God in this place.

I come from deep Lutheran roots. When I was ordained, I became the 4th generation of Lutheran clergy in my family, bringing the total to 12 Lutheran pastors in our Danish-American family. I believe strongly that the Lutheran tradition speaks God's Word of grace to this broken world, and I find much to commend the Lutheran lens for understanding both the world and the Gospel.

I am a pastor, above all else, because of a love of the Gospel and a love of God's people. It is a joy and an honor to care for the people of my parish. It is also a great joy to bring the Word into people's lives through preaching and teaching. Which is, I suppose, why I blog. It is a way for me to think through some of these ideas, get feedback from others, and helps to keep me reading and writing regularly.

Although this blog is relatively new, I have been blogging since 2006.  Some of the older posts on this site have been imported from those earlier blogs. You can also find me on Twitter: @rev_david

The Gospel is not a pat on the back for good people.
It is comfort for grieving people.
Hope for broken people.
Love for hated and lonely people.