Epicenter of Matrimony

It is done! We were joined together in Holy Matrimony, blessed by the community of faith gathered here at Prairie Hill, and around the world!

Thank you to everyone who made the trip here to share with us, and thank you to everyone who worshiped with us via the livestream and twitter.

I am turning this page into a bit of an archive. Here you will find all my posts about the logistics of our wedding and why we did things the way the we did them. You will also find all of the wedding info that I posted over the last nine months.

The Beginning of it All ...
A Reflection on the Purpose of Marriage (external link)
* Save the Date Cards (external link)
* Our Invitations (external link)
* Where is My Invitation?
Newsletter Article: Why do Weddings Matter?
An explanation of why we had two weddings: Getting Married ... Twice?
* The transcript of our Twedding Shower
* The Livestream Video & Chat Archive (Up for another month, we will probably move portions to YouTube)
* #Megarev & #Epicenterofmatrimony Twitter Archive from the wedding day

* Registries The wedding is over, but hey - who are we to say no if you still want to order us stuff from our registries? :)
            - Amazon.com
            - Target
            - Schleider's Furniture (a local furniture store in Brenham)
            - Mission Brenham (a ministry with at-risk children in Brenham)